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Eco International Hub

is wholly owned Ghanaian company which intends to establish a multi-purpose industrial and Economic park in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
Establishment of the Park will involve the development of an initial 100,000 acres of land into serviced industrial plot to serve the needs of the industrial enclave.
Managed Utilities that will be available in the industrial park will include a 20MW solar farm to power the electricity needs of the industrial park, Water for Industrial use, Roads, Security, Broadband Internet Connectivity, and a Business Assistance Centre (BAC).
This will ensure that the Park operates in an eco-friendly environment.


• To create a modern economic productive centre with high level of value-addition
• To transform the Eastern region into a hub for the production of industrial goods including home appliances, motor vehicles, industrial goods and machinery and other commercial industrial companies
• To transform agrculture in the Eastern Region through the establishment of agro-based industrial companies

• To transform Eastern Region to become a world class center of excellence for services provision such as Information Technology
• To increase inflows of domestic and foreign direct investment into the manufacturing sector of the Eastern Region
• The Platinum Vocational and Technical School, which is owned by Eco International will serve as a major provider of technical personnel for the industrial park.
• This institution will will train maisons, carpenters, plumbers, welders, and other artisans that will be required by industry within the economic hub.



The initial process to develop 100,000 acres of land into an industrial hub is ongoing and Eco international is aiming at additional 500,000 acres of land to be added in few the next face of the project.

Eco International will develop the land into various units of serviced industrial lands and lease it to various companies upon the payment of registration fee and an annual ground rent as service fees for maintenance of the facilities

Eco International will invest in the development of 20MW solar plant to feed the electricity needs of the industrial park. This will ensure that, the industrial park operates in a fossil-free environment and reduce the impact of the industrial activity on the climate.

Eco International will also invest in the provision of other utilities such as water, internet connectivity, roads and other utilities

Once a company registers with Eco International to establish a manufacturing or processing plant, Platinum Vocational and Technical School will immediately commence the training of artisans to the required skill level of the company thereby ensuring that there is a smooth transition from construction of the company to actual operations

Once operational, the Industrial park will apply and be recognized as a free zone enclave which will ensure that participating companies take advantage of the tax-free regime of the industrial park.

Eco International will manage the following services in the industrial park ➢ Electricity (Solar Power) ➢ Water Distribution ➢ Internet Connectivity ➢ Facility Management ➢ Security ➢ Business Assistance Centre ➢ Provision of qualified artisans ➢ Training of Techncial Managers and Supervisors


The establishment of a vocation school will ensure that artisans with the required skill set will be available to be employed by companies in the industrial hub
  • Eco International will commit resources to technical,
    vocational and commercial education and training to develop skills and manpower resources for industrial development which will feed the industrial park.
  • Skills development for the youth through on-the-job training in collaboration with industry outside the formal education system as well as internships and artisanal apprenticeships.
  • Vocational, technical and commercial education reorientation will put more emphasis on skills development to address the needs of companies in the industrial park.
  • Skills training and re-training will be provided for tradesmen operating in the manufacturing sector