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Eco International,

was established in March 2013, primarily to provide a comprehensive engineering works, capacity building and consultancy for manufacturing industries, government institutions utility and energy industries, civil engineering and petroleum sectors. Our highly experienced engineering and consulting team combine lateral thinking and leading-edge technology with mature engineering judgement to deliver robust commercial solutions across the entire hydrocarbon value chain.

Eco International has remained resilient over the years in order to stay abreast with the constant shifting marketing conditions in the industry. Market conditions are always changing and that calls for innovation. Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Being susceptible to change has provided Eco International with a better opportunity to manage the inevitable and stay ahead. Markets favour agile and diversified companies that are innovative, operate efficiently and stay true to their core values.

We are highly cautious about the decisions we make concerning how we produce, use, and capitalize on such an important resource that is vital to us all. We invest in new technologies that promise to deliver greater levels of operational efficiency, enhanced performance and environmental benefits. This is where we work— on the leading edge of science and creativity — capacity building and human resource helping to bring to life the ideas that make the impossible possible.

Making smarter choices about how we produce, use, and capitalize on such an important resource is vital to us all. We invest in new technologies that promise to deliver greater levels of operational efficiency, enhanced performance and environmental benefits.

We invest so much in energy, ICT, civil engineering, oil and gas, capacity building and developmental projects because it is the stepping stone to so many possibilities. We believe that the real value of a business is in its potential to serve the needs of human development. Doing so with the most impact requires not only the energy of our petroleum resources but also of our people.


At Eco, excellence is our hallmark. We strive for perfection in anything we do and this translates into all aspects of our workplace. We are committed to doing what we do well and excelling at it. We aim for the best results and are agile in addressing new challenges.
Safety is an integral part of Eco's culture. We have put in place measures that ensure our work environment is safe for both the employees and this guides the Eco to serve our prestigious clients in the safest way possible.

We conduct our business with the utmost integrity. We pride ourselves with doing the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way. The integrity of business at Eco is based on the ethical standards of our employees in our everyday operations. We are proud of the integrity, sincerity and transparency our employees demonstrate every day.



Eco International is a limited liability company specialized in the provision of manpower and capacity development services to corporate and government institutions. Our strategic partnerships with reputable training institutions around the world have enabled us to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients. Eco International has years of specialization of expertise in the following areas:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil and gas services
  • Civil Engineering
  • Estate Developments
  • Capacity building and Human resource
  • Procurement/Trading




Eco International has over the years invested in building capacity for companies with the sole aim of increasing output and competencies.

We have had the opportunity to help a number of organisations obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to do their jobs competently or to a greater capacity.

Some of the Organizations we have worked with over the years include:

  • Africano Electro Limited
  • Megamax Electronics Limited
  • Gold Coast Pioneer Constructions Limited
  • Gritcom IS Limited


The Platinum Vocational Training school is a new initiative under Eco International that seeks to provide the Ghanaian youth with market-driven technical job skills and training for the auto and construction industries that will enable them to secure steady, well-paying jobs and become productive members of society. 

The school is a 1,000 student capacity world class Vocational and Technical school on a 200-acre land at Asikam, Kibi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The focus will be on providing short, hands-on competency-based training programs which equip trainees with the skills, entrepreneurial acumen and productive competencies needed for employment in the economy.

The School is well positioned to be the first vocational training school in the country to offer skill competence, hands-on practical training and ready job opportunities for students and graduates of one thousand (1000) young men and women every six (6) months.